Short Story Collection Reviews: ‘Keyhole’ by Matthew G. Rees

Publisher: Three Impostors press  Author site:

269 pages

Price £10  ISBN 978-1-78461-704-2

A collection of eighteen dark stories with a supernatural twist set in Wales and its borderlands, including photographs by the author (known previously for such tales as ‘The Word’ and ‘The Tip’).


Wyrd Britain  ‘This is a hugely recommended collection that marks Rees out as a writer capable of spinning tales of vibrant imagination and who is unafraid to peer into strange places.’

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Nation Cymru ‘… the very best of Rees’s stories such as the tale of venal antique dealers in ‘The Word’ are simply world class’

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Conversations – Guido Eekhaut, award-winning author of Absinthe 

‘Rees is fully in control of that particular gift of authors of fantastic stories, which consists of placing banal objects in situations where they are at the same time innocent and threatening’

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Peter Kenny: A Writer’s Notebook 

‘Lushly imaginative, lyrical, full of intriguingly funny interludes, Keyhole is a wonderful collection I’m busy recommending to friends.’

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Wales Arts Review  ‘… beautiful writing throughout… wonderfully accomplished’

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