We are happy to receive reviews of new, recent and old books within our genre (both fiction and non-fiction).

By ‘old books’ we mean vintage volumes and – especially – those more obscure works that general readers are likely to be unfamiliar with.

Reviewers should make clear why they are qualified for the task (e.g. details of reviews published elsewhere, academic position / qualifications, writing background, journalism, etc).

Strong opinions are acceptable, but they must be informed.

We are not interested in reviews that appear to us to be intent on trashing a book in a gratuitous way.

We are not interested in press releases masquerading as reviews.

We will consider reviews up to 1,000 words in length. (They do not have to be that long though.)

Submission implies the sender has legal authority to send the piece and that the author is the writer as given. Submission accordingly indemnifies Horla.

Reviews should be sent to us at horlamagazine@hotmail.com

Please send your submission to horlamagazine@hotmail.com

Note that with the exception of ‘news’, material should not have been published previously (either online or in print), meaning publication will be first to Horla. Exceptions may be made in the case of material whose publication in Horla would constitute first publication in English.

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