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BRUNGER Nick. Creepy Carmarthen. Review Extra

CARVER Raymond. Reconsidering his Writing. Article by Dominic Kildare

DE LA MARE Walter. The Neglected. Feature by Matthew G. Rees

GILBERT Zoe. Folk. Review by Carolyn Percy

GOWER Jon. Creep. Reviewed by Brian Manton

GREENWOOD James. Low-Life Deeps: An Account of the Strange Fish to be Found There. Late Review by Matthew G. Rees

HAINING Peter (Ed). The Magic Valley Travellers: Welsh Stories of Fantasy and Horror. Late Review bES Lizy Jon Gower

HAYNES Liz. The Fishing Trip. Student-writer at work feature. 



MACHADO Carmen Maria: Her Body And Other Parties. Review by Jon Gower

MACHADO Carmen Maria. Interview by Matthew G. Rees

MACHEN Arthur. How Three Admirers Are Keeping His Flame Alive. Article. Mark Lawson-Jones

MACHEN Arthur. His Legacy. Event in Wales, 7/7/2018

MEREDITH A.J.. A Memorable Night in an Old English Manor. Article (with Matthew G. Rees)

REES Matthew G.. The Tip. Reviewed by Carolyn Percy

SHELLEY Mary, Frankenstein, background information published for Halloween 2018

STRANGE Jeremy. Freakish Facts No. 1