Book cover of the 1908 edition of ‘Le Horla’ by Guy de Maupassant. Illustration by William Julian-Damazy.

Thank you for coming to Horla – the special place we like to call The Home of  Intelligent Horror. 

Think of it, if you like, as a reading room in one of those old-style libraries of the kind certain towns and cities are fortunate to still possess: shelves of volumes that reach forever, light falling softly on the pages of your book, rain perhaps beating against a high, dark window, the chamber otherwise hushed and deserted.

With our name we tip our hat to the great story-teller Guy de Maupassant and his classic tale of terror Le Horla. The word itself has been taken to mean ‘that which is out there’.

Here, at our meeting place, we hope you’ll find haunting fiction, arresting articles and spirited opinion, in this eternally fascinating genre.

While we are, of course, keen to restore to wider knowledge the names of past practitioners whose reputations have perhaps become unjustly obscured,  a vital part of our mission is to publish fine contemporary fiction in the fields of horror and the supernatural.

Something that’s important to us – and you might feel the same way – is our independence and our independent-mindedness. We don’t belong to some giant combine. The allegiance of Horla is a simple one: it is to the cause of good writing in our genre.

Putting a single and wholly precise word on our passion is difficult. But it would be fair to say that our devotions lie somewhat closer to the French word frisson than to the garishly horrific ‘schlock’.

We like inventive writing: images that linger, language that is felicitous, stories that compel.

And we believe in humour, at times, too. Dark laughter that will have you leaving us – until you return, of course – with a certain smile on your face.

Or perhaps that should be a smile that is… uncertain.

Happy reading,

Matthew G. Rees


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A note on content – The fiction that appears here at Horla is just that – fiction. Views expressed in articles, reviews or letters are those of the originator and should not be seen as being endorsed by Horla. In order that you can make an informed choice on whether to continue reading we advise that from time to time descriptions and language of an adult nature may be encountered. This is likely to be fairly limited but will appear where the writer considers this essential to the work of fiction or non-fiction.