Horla Flash Fiction (July / August 2020)





They said there’d be a window.

A breathing space.

Between what had been and what might be.

The chance to make contact, with those who were out of reach.


In a church on its own on a hillside, she saw an opening.

Narrow. Rectangular. Recessed in an ancient wall.

It seemed to her not unlike a letterbox.

One whose flap had stopped open.


She put through her hand.

And felt the air outside . . . beyond the lichened stone.


For a second, she sensed what seemed another hand.

Not taking hers, but there.


In the silence, through the gap, contact.



Amid dark trees, her campervan becomes a flame.







Matthew G. Rees  is the author of Keyholea critically acclaimed collection of  eighteen stories set in Wales and its borderlands with England. It’s available via the publishers threeimpostors.co.uk and selected booksellers in Wales, London and the USA. He lived for a period in Moscow where he taught English at a school near Red Square. The city has been a backdrop for several of his stories including ‘Driving Lenin’s Ghost’, ‘Moscow Carousel’ & ‘The Tip’, which appeared as a chapbook. Author-site: www.matthewgrees.com

Title photo credit – Olga39256 via commons wikimedia 

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